About Waste Disposal

Dulverton Waste Management (DWM) only accept waste from pre-approved customers who have commercial size vehicles (trucks).

The DWM landfill is not open to members of the public.

Members of the public are advised to contact their local waste transfer station or waste company for waste disposal options.

Controlled Waste

Controlled Waste may be accepted by DWM, but will often require prior Environment Protection Authority (EPA) approval.  Transport of controlled waste must be via an EPA approved carrier.

In order to determine if your waste is a controlled waste, please refer to the following link:


If you wish to dispose of controlled waste you must apply in advance by completing the Controlled Waste Disposal Application Form.

Disposal of Controlled Waste is accepted on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 8.30am and 3pm. For large or ongoing projects, disposal outside of these scheduled days/times may be offered. Please contact the DWM office 6424 7344 to discuss further.

Controlled Waste will not be accepted at the landfill without a DWM issued “Controlled Waste Delivery Advice (CWDA)”.

Other Waste

DWM is able to accept the following waste:

– Inert waste – items that are not chemically reactive and will not decompose

– Clean fill, building materials and waste. If you wish to dispose of Clean Waste, you must first apply in advance by completing an Application Form for Disposal of a Clean Waste

– Putrescible waste – Waste that will decompose such as items in general household and commercial rubbish including food waste etc.

Under our Environment Protection Notice (EPN) issued by the Environment Protection Authority (EPA), we cannot accept certain types of waste.  Generally, we are unable to accept waste classed Level 3 and above by the EPA.

However, for large or ongoing projects, we encourage you to contact our office direct 6424 7344 to discuss. DWM have a proven track record of working with the EPA and the client to deliver sustainable waste solutions.

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