Transforming the way compost is made

Despite the necessary COVID restrictions, 2020 was still a year of progress for our Dulverton Compost Facility upgrade project. 

The new Komptech X63 windrow turner began operating on the existing, open-air compost piles in January.  This new piece of equipment is helping us raise our efficiency and lower our leachate, which in the long run is better for everyone!

In February, a Development Permit Application was approved by Kentish Council to transform the existing open-air compost windrows into an enclosed, fully controlled facility that traps odours while safely processing leachate.  A detailed tender process for the design, and ultimately the construction, of the facility has now closed with a decision regarding the preferred contractor is scheduled in early 2021.

In a separate announcement that reinforced our vision for the Compost Facility upgrade and its benefit to Tasmania, this transformation project was also recognised as a Project of Regional Significance by the Cradle Coast Authority.

You can follow the project’s progress on our website at as it moves through procurement design in 2021/22, visit:

Safety first and foremost

In August, the work health and safety of our landfill and compost operations were tested through an external, independent audit conducted by IPM Consulting Services.

We’re proud to report that the site inspection and document review revealed a positive safety culture and way of working.

We look for continuous improvement in all areas of our business, especially health and safety

We’re always on the lookout for risks and work together to implement suitable controls to ensure the safety of staff and site visitors.  This year saw the introduction of a high efficiency particulate air filter with alarms on a loader dedicated to the site, and we’ve made changes to the site access and cleaning protocols to comply with the Safe Work Australia guidelines for management of COVID-19.

Forklift capabilities are now an option on site, so we can also now accept palletised waste! Enquiries can be made by calling our office on 03 6424 7344.

Customers and other site visitors are encouraged to raise any concerns with our staff so together we can continue to put safety first.

Engineering excellence ensures a healthy environment

Curious to know how our landfill cells are constructed for maximum environmental protection?

Customers interested in a tour of the Dulverton Landfill and Composting Facility are welcome to make an appointment.  Contact our office on 03 6424 7344 to find out more.You may recall last year we completed construction of the B1-North landfill cell and got cracking on the B1-South addition, ready for use in late 2020. Landfill cells at DWM are constructed with a geo-synthetic clay (GCL) liner to act as a hydraulic barrier, and a geofabric encased drainage layer. This combined cell B1 has already commenced utilisation, and is expected to be filled by late 2024.

Dulverton Organic Compost retailing across Tasmania

The demand for Dulverton Organic Compost purchased through nurseries, garden centres and other retail stockists has grown …
just like the gardens they feed!

If the situation changes and direct sales can resume, we’ll notify customers and post an update on the DWM website at high volume of compost being sold through retailers Tasmania-wide has required us to suspend direct, bulk purchases from our compost facility.   There’s just not enough compost to go around!

This is where you can also find the current list of retail stockists to keep your home garden in good supply in the interim.

Thank you for your understanding!