State Levy

The Tasmanian State Government Landfill Levy has been approved.

What Does this mean for your Business?

From 1st July 2022, a levy will be applied to all waste to be disposed to landfill in Tasmania.

The levy starts at $20.00 per tonne for the 2022/23 financial year. On 01 July 2024 the levy will increase to $40.00/Tonne and $60/Tonne on 01 July 2026. These values are based on the 2020/21 dollars and are subject to CPI.

Dulverton Waste Management offer a range of Waste Disposal and diversion options for your Industry.

These include:

  • Organics Composting
  • Landfill including Deep Burial and and Controlled Waste Management
  • Recycling options through Cradle Coast Waste Services


Organic Material including garden green waste, wood chips, animal by-products, dairy and vegetables, animal straw and manure are all used to create Dulverton Organic Compost.

Dulverton Waste Management is planning an Organics Facility upgrade which will enable an increase of types of organic inputs and improve the quality and efficiency of Compost.

Waste disposed through the Organics Facility will not be charged the Waste Levy.


The Dulverton Waste Management (DWM) landfill has been recognised as Australia’s best in the Waste Management Association of Australia’s 2017 Landfill Excellence Awards. DWM received the award for achievements in minimising the landfill’s environmental impact and its ability to demonstrate continuous improvement and innovation.

Avoid. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

Cradle Coast Waste Services assists the Cradle Coast Waste Management Group to provide recycling and waste prevention programs accross the North-West region of Tasmania.

These are currently funded by a regional voluntary landfill waste levy. This levy will be replaced by the State Levy from 01 July 2022.

ReThink Waste Tasmania provide some great tips on how to Avoid. Reduce. Reuse. and Recycle. in your Home, School and Workplace.