Dulverton Regional Waste Management Authority, trading as Dulverton Waste Management (DWM), provides holistic and environmentally sustainable landfill and organics recycling services, plus waste advisory and technical consulting services.

Located near Latrobe, North West Tasmania, our landfill was constructed in 1995 to exacting environmental standards and to capitalise on the natural features of the former clay quarry site. The modern facility of 35 hectares has a projected life of over 90 years.

In 2008, we expanded our capability to include the largest organic composting facility in Tasmania. The site has the capacity to process approximately 40,000 tonnes of organic material per year from clients across the state; delivering a significant achievement in landfill-diversion.

Cradle Coast Waste Services is a business of Dulverton Waste Management and provides technical advice, project management and administrative services to the Cradle Coast Waste Management Group to deliver regional-scale waste minimisation, recycling and public education programs across North West Tasmania.

In this role, we collaborate with waste management groups across Tasmania to raise awareness of waste avoidance and recycling best practices, under the banner of Rethink Waste Tasmania.

Our expert team also assists businesses and industry bodies with waste management consulting services, policy advice and project implementation.

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Our values drive how we work together with Member Councils and the community to deliver services and projects:

  1. Maintenance of a safe operating environment at each DWM workplace.
  2. Maintenance and enhancement of relationships with our community and stakeholders based upon openness, trust, fairness, honesty and integrity.
  3. Adherence to and compliance with relevant and accepted ethical standards, codes of conduct and legislation in all of our business dealings.
  4. Fair treatment of DWM employees and encouragement of employee initiative, teamwork and enthusiasm.
  5. Commitment to excellence and continual innovation and improvement in our business.

Dulverton Waste Management is seen as an innovative organisation and recognised as leaders in waste management in Tasmania.

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