My customers always tell me that I grow some of the tastiest cherries in Tasmania. I strongly believe that increasing the organic matter in my soil, by applying Dulverton Organic Compost in place of synthetic fertilisers, is a major contributor.

Jacob, East Tamar Cherries

I applied the compost in a layer approximately 5cm high by 20cm wide down each side of the berry canes. The general health, and therefore fruit production, of the berry plants has been markedly improved by doing this. I have been very happy with the product and will purchase it again.

Sue, Pirates Bay Berry Farm

I used Dulverton Organic Compost on the small amount of fruit trees I have in my home garden. Despite this dry summer my produce has thrived and with minimal chance to water due to water restrictions I can only put it down to the benefits of your compost. Thank you!

Ange, Home Gardener

As qualified horticulturalists and owners of B&T’s Horticulture, we have been using Dulverton Organic Compost for 2 years now and highly recommend it due to it being in accordance with Australian Standard 4454.

BT's Horticulture, Launceston

Our 800 cow dairy farm at Smithton has been run on biological farming principles for the last 8 years. 3 years ago we discovered and started using Dulverton Compost. Typically we spread compost at 2.5t/ha over the farm in early autumn. The results have been very encouraging with a proliferation of clover and microbial life.

We believe that Dulverton Waste Management has excellent compost making protocols and we have every confidence in the management team associated with this product. It is very heartening to watch this multi Council initiative go from strength to strength. We are delighted to support and encourage its progress, as the utilisation of our waste material has to be the way to a healthy and sustainable future.

John & Vicki Lillico, Dairy Farmers, Smithton