Dulverton Organic Compost is made to a scientifically calculated formula, using only quality organic material from suppliers across Tasmania. To ensure suitability, nutrient and element analyses are taken of the organic inputs prior to being used.

Ingredients include garden green waste, supermarket organic waste, woodchips, by-products from the processing of animals, fish, dairy and vegetables, animal straw and manure, and biosolids.

This diverse mix of ingredients creates a nutrient-rich final product, screened to less than 16mm particle size, which resembles rich dark soil with a dry weight of approximately 700kg/m³.

Dulverton Organic Compost:

  • 12-16 weeks, hot composting process
  • Precision-managed to achieve optimum levels of moisture, oxygen and temperature range
  • Weed-free and pathogen-free
  • Laboratory tested to comply with the Australian Standard for Composts, Soil Conditioners and Mulches (AS 4454)
  • Produced in accordance with the DWM Environmental Management System
  • Available from stockists across Tasmania or as a bulk purchase, direct from our site.