Application rates

Customers are recommended to seek professional advice for specific application rates suitable for the soil type. Typical application rates for vineyards, orchards, berries and vegetables are around 10 tonne of Dulverton Organics Compost per hectare (this is supported by the independent trials).

For pasture, typical application rates range between 1 and 3 tonne per hectare.  Customers using Dulverton Organics Compost at this rate have reported a significant reduction or elimination of other fertiliser inputs, resulting in a net decrease in fertiliser cost.  Improved soil health is a given, and reduced herbicide spraying and improved stock health are regularly reported. Click to view our Application Rates Flyer.

Top Dressing

Top dressing is a very popular method used by customers applying Dulverton Organics Compost to existing garden beds and fruit trees.

Incorporating with existing soil

Another popular method used by our customers applying Dulverton Organics Compost. Due to our compost being very rich in nutrients we recommend that the compost be mixed through the existing soil prior to planting seedlings.

Lawn Improvements

To turn an existing lawn into a lush green head turner, top dress Dulverton Organics Compost about 7mm thick in late September (when the weather starts warming). Apply Dulverton Organic Compost again in December and once more the following September.

Never use a catcher whilst mowing, as this allows the cut grass to be mulched back into the existing lawn and ensure that you water your lawn regularly.
You should see a significant difference in the thickness and colour of your lawn.

Adding to potted plants

Customers’ feedback states that best results are achieved when mixing 1 part Dulverton Organics Compost with 2-3 parts potting mix or garden soil.


A number of Tasmanian private spreading services are available who have provided Dulverton Organics with their contact details, stating that they are able to spread Dulverton Organics Compost.

Please use the contacts below if you require a quote for broad scale spreading:

Altrac Spreading, CARRICK
6391 8256

Early Spreading, DELORAINE
Bill: 0429 316 798

Lee Bros Spreading, DELORAINE
0429 316 798

Moss Enterprises, SPREYTON
0428 141 157

Quinn Transport and Spreading Service
Darren: 0437 359 880 or 6265 2608.


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