Updated: 04 May 2023

Construction work is progressing on the Dulverton Organics Facility with two of the four of the major concrete pours completed. The construction team is working to complete the last two pours before the winter weather sets in. The next step is for the pre-cast panels to commence arriving onsite. More than 400 panels will be brought in from Hobart from this week to form the walls and roof of the nine concrete tunnels in which materials are placed to make compost.

The de-packager unit is expected to arrive in July and will be temporarily located in another part of the site. This machine will allow processed food which does not meet standard to be separated from packaging and used in compost production, rather than landfilled. It will also allow the building offcuts of gyprock to be recovered from new builds and restorations and the cardboard and gypsum core to be reused. The ability to reduce waste and improve both economic and environmental outcomes is an important component on the value of this project to the North West manufacturing and construction sector.

This project is made possible through financial support from both the Australian and State Governments. Dulverton is the recipient of a joint Grant to a total of $9M and recognizes this contribution to the future of Tasmanian waste management.

The new plant was approved by EPA in November 2022, with the assessment noting that there would be significant improvement in the environmental performance when making compost in the new facility. The project will reduce the risk of odour nuisance to houses near the site, as all air will go through scrubbers and biofilters prior to release. Making the compost in enclosed tunnels also has the benefit of reducing the time to make the product and improving the consistency of the compost; issues that has been a challenge through the recent wet seasons.

During December, Dulverton’s compost-making area was cleared and an Early Works Package was progressed to ensure weather constraints in the Winter of 2023 do not further delay the completion date. Veronica Schilling, CEO of Dulverton said “COVA Haywoods will be building the plant with support from local contractors. The expected first loads of material going through the process will occur in mid-2024.”

A ground-breaking ceremony was held on Monday 12thDecember with attendance from Minister Roger Jaensch, Gavin Pearce MP, Federal Senator Anne Urquhart, Federal member for Braddon Gavin Pearce joining the Owners, Board and staff from Dulverton and partner organisations.

The new facility is designed to handle household organics as green bins roll out across the region, as well as factory food waste, and will be instrumental in achieving reduction in landfill over the coming years. Composting is cheaper than landfill, with the added benefit of reduced greenhouse emissions and improving soil health on local farms as the compost returns to the fields

Image 1: Concept image shown without roof to allow an interior view.

Image 2: 30th April shows the two areas where the tunnels will be constructed.

Note: Concept image shown without roof to allow an interior view.

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