Dulverton Waste Management is committed to sustainable waste management solutions designed to prevent pollution, reduce landfill volume and minimise greenhouse gas contributions:

  • We operate an Environmental Management System (EMS) certified to Australian and New Zealand Standard ISO 14001-2016 (Certificate No: CEM20661), audited by BSI Group Australia
  • Operate a clean-burn gas destruction system to extract methane and assist in carbon abatement equivalent to approximately 10,000 tonnes (CO2e) of carbon each year
  • Divert organics waste away from landfill to create high-quality compost certified to the voluntary Australian Standard for Composts, Soil Conditioners and Mulches (AS 4454)
  • Participate in the annual National Pollution Inventory (Emissions Estimation for Solid Landfills)
  • Actively pursue continual improvement in environmental management via the DWM Environmental Policy systems and processes.

Within our site a covenant protects the habitat of the endangered burrowing crayfish and giant freshwater crayfish.

Odour and litter are minimised at our site through daily waste covering at the landfill tipping face, precise landfill compaction and the use of modern compost windrow turning machinery to optimise air and moisture levels in the compost windrows. We undertake regular testing of ground water quality via a series of monitoring bores.

Work is underway to upgrade the DWM compost facility with an industrial compost cover and associated water and aeration management systems. Read about the Dulverton Organics Transformation project here.

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