Quality Assurance

At Dulverton we pride ourselves in producing compost of the highest quality. Our dedicated team of composting experts undertake extensive testing and monitoring to ensure that you, our valued customer, can confidently purchase Dulverton Organic Compost with peace of mind that it is a safe and consistent product, weed and pathogen free, and compliant with the relevant Australian standards. 

Australian Standard for Composts, Soil Conditioners and Mulches (AS 4454)

To ensure that our compost meets the parameters under AS 4454, our compost is regularly sampled and analysed in an independent laboratory. Only compost that has met all of the requirements of the Australian Standard is screened ready for sale.


Certified Environmental Management System (ISO 14001)

Dulverton Organic Compost is produced utilising the process and controls within our Environmental Management System which is certified under ISO 14001. This certification requires us to implement comprehensive systems and procedures for the entire compost making process. These systems are audited by a third party annually to ensure that all requirements are exceeded.

A key requirement of the Environmental Management System is to take nutrient and element analysis of all organic inputs prior to introducing to the composting process to ensure suitability. If approved, the inputs are mixed to a scientifically calculated formula and are formed into windrows to commence the 16 week composting process. To ensure that composting takes place under ideal conditions, the compost undergoes intensive testing and monitoring for oxygen, moisture and temperature.


(If you'd like to know more about the compost making process, see 'About Our Compost').